Protection You Can Count On

Security Enterprises’ proven technology platform,, works through a dependable wireless GSM network. Always-on security ensures protection even if the phone line is cut, the Internet goes down or the power goes out.

Not only is more secure, it’s also a great solution if you’ve already replaced your landline with a cell phone or VoIP line. Plus, security systems will even continue functioning for 24+ hours if the power goes out. With other systems, a power outage or disruption to the connection can take your whole security system down with it, leaving your home or business at risk. With Security Enterprises’ proven technology platform,, you’ll get security you can count on.

Just Some of the Benefits of’s Technology Platform:

  • Wireless alarm signaling (No phone, no Internet, and no hassles)
  • Two-way voice service in case of an emergency
  • Additional, exclusive protection to keep you secure in a crash and smash event
  • Remote control of your security system through any computer or mobile device



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